20. Piscis. Shit happens. Publicidad. Buena literatura. La historia es como mi poema personal. Venezuela.

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Hey, I’m here. #PictureOfTheDay #Pet #Puppy #Dog #Saturday #Farandi

Hey, I’m here. #PictureOfTheDay #Pet #Puppy #Dog #Saturday #Farandi

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The general response to my original Kpopopoly post seems to be:


I understand your needs.

So here’s all the game cards to print your own game board too. Have fun!

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The ending got me.

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The most important image ever created.


The most important image ever created.

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The barricades of the Paris Commune of 1871 

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Shocking Truth: is constant class warfare ruining your skin?
304 ways to subvert the bourgeoisie (and feel sexy)
The asiatic mode of production & your butt
Are you doing enough to subvert the ideology of hegemony of the ruling class? take the quiz!
Stalin strips down: we bet you’ve never seen him like this
Looking Sexy While Striking! Beauty tips from the barricades
Bronze skin, Red philosophy: bringing revolution to latin america
So divine, he’ll call you the opiate of his masses
Sex: are you getting your quotas filled?
Gramsci answers your questions. PLUS what secretly turns him on about cultural hegemony

MY FAVVVV: Supporting third world guerrilas? how to keep the spark in a long distance relationship
Hilarioussss, but can we get some feminist marxists up in here? Also, I feel like I need to do a textual analysis of disss